Dog Trainer Sarasota FL

Dog Board & Train in Sarasota with Terry Cook. Are you ready to have your dog off-leash and under control in just ten days?

Dog Trainer Sarasota FL

Dog Board & Train with Terry Cook

Dog Traning Programs

Every dog training program is customized to fit your dog’s needs after your FREE dog training evaluation. You can have an obedient off-leash dog in as little as TEN days!


Dog Boarding Options

Do you want your dog to stay with us but don’t have the time to drive to Sarasota? Not a problem, we can pick-up and drop off your dog for you within 20 miles!

$50.00 roundtrip fee that includes picking-up and dropping-off your dog or $25.00 one-way.

About Dog Trainer Terry Cook

As we start the dog training journey together let me introduce myself and welcome you to the world of dog training in Sarasota Florida.

My name is Terry Cook and I am a certified professional dog trainer that specializes in basic to advanced obedience with off leash control. I started dog training as a hobby while breeding and raising Schutzhund titled German Shepherd Dogs in Lancaster Ohio. In 2009 I opened and was the original owner of one of the biggest dog training franchises in Columbus Ohio.

I have worked with all types of canines, from rescued and adopted mixed breed dog to pure-bred dogs and puppies of all age and sizes. I work with K9’s that are not just pets but family members. Are you looking for the best dog trainer in the Sarasota area? Terry Cook offers the best dog training for a happy and confident off leash K9 through positive reinforcement training.

Dog Trainer Sarasota FL
Terry Cook
Terry Cook

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